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Vegard S. Hagen
Vegard S. Hagen
Pondering post-physicists

Hi, and welcome! đŸ‘‹

I’ve always had a curious min and enjoy exploring new ideas and concepts, this led me to get picked up by Edgeworks (đŸ‡³đŸ‡´) where I currently work as a DevOps consultant engaged at Statens pensjonskasse.

Coming from a background in physics I kind of stumbled into the world of IT, though I feel right at home with the problem-solving opportunities and open-minded culture I’m now part of.

The elastic wave equation has been replaced by YAML

$$\rho(\vec{x})\ddot{u}(\vec{x},t) -\nabla\sigma(\vec{x},t) = \vec{f}(\vec{x},t)$$

and the Poincaré Sphere now an almost forgotten tool for Mueller Matrix Ellipsometry optimisation.

The Poincaré Sphere describing polarisation (full size)
The Poincaré Sphere describing polarisation (full size)

This blog is an outlet for my current obsessions, be it what I’m currently working on or other interests like old motorcycles or brewing.

$$\sum_{n+1}^{\infin}\frac{1}{n^2} = \frac{\pi^2}{6}$$