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Browser rendered terminal
·1254 words·6 mins
This is going to be a bit of a follow-up on an earlier article on Cloudflare SSH tunneling where we configured SSH-tunneling through Cloudflare’s WARP-client. In this article we’ll configure Cloudflare’s cloudlared-tunnel and a Zero Trust Application to expose a browser rendered terminal to our server.
Argo CD Kustomize with Helm
··2025 words·10 mins
I use Argo CD to maintain my Homelab as I find it intuitive. The nice GUI also helps me to quickly inspect problems which might occur when I try something fancy. Another widely used alternative is Flux CD which solves the same problem of GitOps-ing your cluster, but I have little experience with it yet.
Cloudflared SSH tunneling
·852 words·4 mins
Being able to log into your servers from everywhere with an internet connection is convenient as you never know when something may decide to break. However, exposing your ssh-connection to the open web can pose security risks if not done correctly.